5 Common Myths about Limousine Service


San Francisco Limo servicesWho wouldn’t want to travel in a stylish limo? Well, the majority of people want to experience it at least once in a lifetime and it is a fact! However, several misconceptions about limo services may stop them from hiring one. Things such as Limo rentals are expensive, difficult to find, hired by rich people and the list goes on and on. Here are some of the common myths about the limo service to set the record straight.

Top 5 Things to do in San Francisco this Christmas


San Francisco limousineSan Francisco Bay area becomes magical at Christmas time with different fun events. The Christmas trees are decorated with gorgeous lights, which brings extra warmth and joy in this festive season. This city offers lots of concerts, holiday festivals, and arts & crafts making sessions for free or with a small fee at this time of year. Each neighborhood decorates their home by displaying lights and Christmas trees. This Christmas, you can do some of the following fun things in San Francisco.

5 Expensive Limousines in the World


Have you ever wondered – which are the world’s most expensive limousines? Forget the usual prom or wedding limos, I am talking about the real deal. You know what I mean, right! However, let’s leave “the most” expensive realm for another day and take a look at 5 of the generally expensive ones:

Cadillac One

GPA02-09_US_SecretService_press_release_2009_Limousine_Page_3_ImageCommonly known as The Beast, this beauty cum tank is estimated to cost over $300,000. It is the presidential limousine of the United States and our current president, Barack Obama, uses it for his transportation.

It is fitted with armored plates that are flexible enough to block even Rocket Propelled Grenades and a leak proof fuel tank to prevent explosions. It is sealed against biochemical attacks and has its own oxygen supply. Now, tell me if this piece of beauty is not a beast!