7 Tips to Hire a Perfect Wedding Limo



Wedding is once in a life time occasion. It is your day and you want it to be special in every way. From the wedding dress to the wedding cake, you want everything to be just the way you want. You plan each and every single detail, including the small ones to make your wedding as elegant and stylish as you can. So, why leave out your wedding’ transportation?

You can make your wedding more special by renting a limo for your wedding transportation. There are a number of rental companies, catering to the increasing demand of renting limos for weddings. It is the thing to do right now. However, be careful while choosing a limousine rental company. Be aware, just like any other business field, limo rental companies might have fraud companies too. Here are a few tips that might help you select your perfect wedding limo.

1. Longevity of the limo rental company:  Look for a limo rental company that’s been around quite a while, because they are more likely to have a good understanding of handling wedding parties.

2. Look for feed backs: Ask around, your friends or family might have rented a wedding limo before. These days, almost every company has a social media account like Facebook and twitter. You can always check out the comments from the previous customers. These can help you get a great insight about the limo company as a whole.

3. Well maintained fleet:  You should always ask questions about the condition of their limos. How well are they maintained? How often does the company invest in purchasing new vehicles? Do not believe the pictures, go to the limo rental company and check them out in person.

4. Estimation: Most of the companies provide free estimates for their service. When estimating, don’t forget to inquire about any hidden costs. It is always a good idea to get an estimate, so that you can separate a budget for it.

5. Professional and friendly chauffeurs:  Make sure that the chauffeurs are background checked, drug tested and professionally trained.

6. Availability of the limo: Doesn’t it suck when you set your heart on a limo but ultimately find out that it is unavailable on your wedding day? In wedding seasons, good limousines are booked really fast, so you have to be on your toes to reserve your desired limo in advance.

7. Size does matter: You need to know, exactly how many people will be traveling with you in the limo. If you have a group of brides’ maids and best man coming along with you, then choose your limo accordingly.

Hope this helps you, when you consider renting a limo for your big day.


  1. I admire the valuable information you offer in this post. Very true, the wedding day is a most important day for anybody. It should be celebrated in a special manner & limousines are best option to hire for a wedding. It is important to find a right company to hire this luxurious car at an affordable price.

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