5 Expensive Limousines in the World


Have you ever wondered – which are the world’s most expensive limousines? Forget the usual prom or wedding limos, I am talking about the real deal. You know what I mean, right! However, let’s leave “the most” expensive realm for another day and take a look at 5 of the generally expensive ones:

Cadillac One

GPA02-09_US_SecretService_press_release_2009_Limousine_Page_3_ImageCommonly known as The Beast, this beauty cum tank is estimated to cost over $300,000. It is the presidential limousine of the United States and our current president, Barack Obama, uses it for his transportation.

It is fitted with armored plates that are flexible enough to block even Rocket Propelled Grenades and a leak proof fuel tank to prevent explosions. It is sealed against biochemical attacks and has its own oxygen supply. Now, tell me if this piece of beauty is not a beast!

Toyota Century Royal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis large four door limousine is a one-off custom car, built exclusively for the Japanese Royalty. The price? A whopping $500,000. Although the original order was for 5 of them, even Imperial House of Japan could only afford 4, due to their individual cost. This limo is not available to the public and it is considered to be one of the safest and expensive limousines.


The Bat Mobile

urlTruly inspired by the series of Tim Burton superhero movies ‘Batman’ in 1989 and ‘Batman Returns’ 1992, this Bat Mobile limousine is one of a kind. It was built in 2012 and was sold at a hefty price of $420,000. It has explosive caltrops that are deployed from the rear of the vehicle, which can take out any cars that make contact with them.


The Mid night rider

midnightrider_largeWith the cost of 250,000 dollars, this mammoth of a limousine is truly astounding. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s heaviest limousine, weighing in at 50,560lbs. There are three lounges, a full bar and it can accommodate 40 people. It has a total of 4,200 parts fitted in it and a security monitoring system throughout.


Ferrari 360 Limousine

ferrari-360-limoThe 360 Ferrari stretch limo is the only vehicle of its kind in the UK. This beautiful limousine is estimated to cost about $250,000. Unlike other limos, this beauty is also built for speed. It is the fastest limo on the road and even though it is 23 feet long it can go from 0-60mph in under 6 seconds with a top speed of 170MPH. It contains the original Ferrari engine and bucket seats which hold 8 passengers. It also has a large flat screen monitor on board as well as several small ones embedded into the head rests.


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