5 Common Myths about Limousine Service


San Francisco Limo servicesWho wouldn’t want to travel in a stylish limo? Well, the majority of people want to experience it at least once in a lifetime and it is a fact! However, several misconceptions about limo services may stop them from hiring one. Things such as Limo rentals are expensive, difficult to find, hired by rich people and the list goes on and on. Here are some of the common myths about the limo service to set the record straight.

Limo rentals are only for celebrities and top-notch people

Whenever you think about limos, you often assume limo rentals are expensive. As limos are the one of the most luxurious transportation, riding on it is always a tempting idea. And, renting a limo isn’t as expensive as you think; you can rent a limo at very affordable rates. Moreover, if you are traveling with your friends, you can split the cost.


Limos are meant only for special occasions

You do not need to have a formal event to hire a limo service. Normally, the limo services are hired for special occasions like weddings, proms, bachelor parties and many more. But, you can make any event special by hiring a limo service.


Limo chauffeurs have no proper training

The chauffeurs who operate limousines are fully trained as they have to do a lot more than just drive. Moreover, they also have a special license that allows them to legally operate a limousine. So, it is just a misconception that limo chauffeurs have not received proper training.


 Limo rides cannot be customized

You can tell your chauffeurs to customize your route and alter your plans according to your choice. But, you need to inform your chauffeur beforehand to avoid inconvenience.


 There are certain time frame to book limos

Rental terms and conditions are set by the limo company itself. Different limo companies   have different rules. You can book limos few hours before the event, you can also book it a few days in advance or some companies also accept immediate bookings. So, it is just a myth that you need to call the limo rental company certain hours before the event.


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