5 Expensive Limousines in the World


Have you ever wondered – which are the world’s most expensive limousines? Forget the usual prom or wedding limos, I am talking about the real deal. You know what I mean, right! However, let’s leave “the most” expensive realm for another day and take a look at 5 of the generally expensive ones:

Cadillac One

GPA02-09_US_SecretService_press_release_2009_Limousine_Page_3_ImageCommonly known as The Beast, this beauty cum tank is estimated to cost over $300,000. It is the presidential limousine of the United States and our current president, Barack Obama, uses it for his transportation.

It is fitted with armored plates that are flexible enough to block even Rocket Propelled Grenades and a leak proof fuel tank to prevent explosions. It is sealed against biochemical attacks and has its own oxygen supply. Now, tell me if this piece of beauty is not a beast!

7 Tips to Hire a Perfect Wedding Limo



Wedding is once in a life time occasion. It is your day and you want it to be special in every way. From the wedding dress to the wedding cake, you want everything to be just the way you want. You plan each and every single detail, including the small ones to make your wedding as elegant and stylish as you can. So, why leave out your wedding’ transportation?

You can make your wedding more special by renting a limo for your wedding transportation. There are a number of rental companies, catering to the increasing demand of renting limos for weddings. It is the thing to do right now. However, be careful while choosing a limousine rental company. Be aware, just like any other business field, limo rental companies might have fraud companies too. Here are a few tips that might help you select your perfect wedding limo.